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What is National Plan for Vacation Day?

National Plan for Vacation Day, celebrated on the last Tuesday of January, is a day to encourage Americans to plan their time off for the whole year at the start of the year—and inspire them to use those days to explore the USA.

Our Mission

Amidst the numerous challenges in today’s society, the necessity for a vacation has become increasingly evident. This year, National Plan for Vacation Day focuses on the intense burnout experienced by American workers, highlighting how planning a vacation can be a powerful tool in bringing joy and rejuvenation.

National Plan for Vacation Day is January 30, 2024!

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Vacation Day Statistics

Our statistics reveal a surprising trend among American workers – the consequences of not planning for vacations. From missed opportunities for relaxation to the economic and personal effects of unused vacation days, these figures highlight the importance of planning for leisure time.

million trips not taken by workers with unused PTO
of PTO goes unused vs 28% in 2019 before COVID**
years for parents to take a family vacation with their kids
Why is Taking Vacation So Important?

Vacation is essential for strong bonds, a productive workforce and a fulfilled life.

Taking vacations is crucial for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Vacations offer cognitive benefits like improved problem-solving, creativity, and mood. Numerous studies find vacations lead to better performance, focus, and higher job satisfaction.

Engaging in outdoor activities and relaxation techniques during vacations improves heart health and overall physical condition. Spiritually, vacations provide a chance to reconnect with one’s true self, leading to inner peace and personal fulfillment.

Explore Destinations


Visit the majestic home of some of America’s oldest and most celebrated cities, stunning fall foliage, and diverse cultural experiences.


Explore the nation’s friendliest cities, a classic road trip, The Great Lakes, and find the warmth and tradition of the heartland.


Experience warm hospitality, delectable soulful cuisine, and diverse landscapes, from the mountains to sun-kissed beaches.


Discover a blend of rugged natural beauty with refined cultural experiences, offering majestic landscapes and scenic byways.


Explore lush tropical beaches and rugged wilderness to the lush forests, scenic coasts and vibrant cities rich with culture and innovation.

Trip Types

From thrilling group adventures and romantic getaways to serene solo journeys, we offer experiences for every kind of explorer. Pick the travel style that resonates with you, and embark on a journey that’s perfectly yours

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Travel Resources

Discover our collection of travel tips and tricks, and visitor guides you can use on your next adventure.

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Travel Tips & Tricks

Our insider tips, tricks, and resources are here to guide you. Tailor your trip with your chosen activities or aim for the ultimate experience by adding everything to your bucket list for a comprehensive vacation adventure.

Visitor Guides

Dive into our treasure trove of insider knowledge, tips, and tools to turn your nationwide journey into an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re curating a personalized itinerary or aiming for an all-encompassing experience, we have everything you need to craft your dream vacation.

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